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myThunder is a technology company specialising in developing solutions. Click the link below to learn more about our services.

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Starting at £299  

Web Design Solutions 

Are you looking to have a website developed, hosted and/or maintained? We have every solution for you no matter what your budget is!

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App Development

We create applications for all platforms and industries. We use Swift IOS and Android’s Java frameworks as well as React native for cross-platforms. Have a great idea for an app? Get in touch. 

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View our large range of engineering solutions. If you’re looking to have a prototype designed or mass produce your product, we have you covered. Click below for more.

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What We Offer

View our large variety of services related to technology. We offer everything from full stack web, mobile and API development to prototyping, PCB and electronic engineering.  Find out how myThunder can help you.

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API Development

Have your REST API created and hosted through myThunder, we also offer custom domains to suit all your needs.

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Full-Stack Development

Need a website, mobile app or native desktop application? We will find a solution. We also offer hosting for all our services. 

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Prototypes, Electrical & Embedded Systems

Our strong team of ten engineers, combining 60+ years of experience in the industry are here to help create your next amazing idea. 

Creating a startup?

We have got you covered! Create your admin panel or build a robot doing a backflip, we’re here to offer all your solutions. Get in touch today and we’ll help you. 

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Complete Solutions

Upgrade your business systems with myThunder

We offer complete solutions to your existing business. If you need a modern new inventory system linked to a custom client side application or to make your business run smoother, please contact us and see how myThunder can help you grow your business. 

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API Development

We can create any REST API that follows the industries security protocols.

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Backend Solutions

We can accommodate all your needs to create as big or little API as you need.  Some examples:

Websites/apps, mobile applications, embedded devices logic,  authentication, AI learning, data management, logistics and data handling

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Purchase Protection

Handle payments securely with our REST API. Let us take the hassle and worry from processing transactions online. Webhooks and oAuth2 is also available. 

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Advanced Security

myThunder uses the Advanced Encryption Standard when developing our API’s. We can use different key lengths depending on how secure your project needs to be.

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Host your API on myThunder’s Server

Take advantage of our pay-as-you-go server allocation. You will get charged for the number of API calls used per month. Pricing will be calculated on project creation.

Execute faster at scale and optimize costs

DDoS protection, Malware protection

HTTP/2 network protocol


Use a custom or  mythunder’s own

domain for free*

If you’re planning on hosting your API, you have the option to use a custom domain supplied by us or you. *Only free for a mythunder owned domain.

The default option is to use our custom domain.

Example :

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Privacy Policy

We comply to the privacy laws where your business operates and make sure all data collected from users is encrypted and stored securely.

Find your answer on our Help Center  

View the documentation to solve known problems and to find solutions. If you are not able to resolve your issue please contact our support. 


Contact Sales

Contact one of our sales representatives to discuss what services you’re looking for and how we can help you. 

General Sales

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