Business Solutions

We offer a great variety of solutions for businesses. Upgrade your eco-system or create a brand new website. We have you covered 🙂

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Get It Done With Us

We will make sure your business is up and running as fast as possible. Our team will provide you with a proposal indicating a deadline so you can be assured we will not impact your busy schedule.

Content Management

Clear content is happy content. We will guide you with our expertise to brand your business clearly for your users.

Data Management

If data is important to your business we can customise your software to make managing your data easier.

Community Management

Your customers are important to us. We will help you grow relationships with customers, employees and partners through various types of interaction. 

Admin solutions

Analyze Financial Data

Book keeping is a breeze when your data is automated. We can develop software customised to your business to take the stress away from organising your financials. AI is a great tool in controlling your money and project forecasts.

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Build a Stronger Relationship with Your Team

For a full admin solution you will have a beautiful application to run your business more efficiently. Instantly message your team and handle projects and file transfers all in one place.

Private Network

Run your business on a private network hosted in your place of business. Our team can recommend and setup the right systems for your team.

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SUper fast speeds

Transfer GB/s worth of files instantly with your team over your private local network.

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Scale as your business grows. We have a solution for every sized company.

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Having a private server adds a level of protection to your data as only your local users will be able to access it stopping the possibility of brute force.

Save time and money

Running locally has been proven to increase productivity time by 30% down to the incredably fast transfer speeds compared to the internet.

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Upgrade existing

Looking to give your business an upgrade? Let myThunder improve the functionality and future proof design for the new millennium. Did you know users will not wait more than 3 seconds for a webpage to load? Improve your business today, get in touch. 

Powerful designs to suit your business.

Upgrading your online presence is vital for businesses future successes. If you’re looking to rebrand your image or slightly improve your existing look, we can help.

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Software update


Updating your business doesn’t have to mean replacing all your hardware. Depending on the solution we can update or customise the software. For example, if you have security cameras we can still use them but update the admin software to view, record and edit the footage.


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Complete solutions

A complete solution is setting up and operating your business through myThunder. We would create everything from your website to admin panel and financial data solutions. We would order equipment needed and/or develop a custom product. We will setup your software to work in harmony with any systems or devices used. We recommend this option for a chain of businesses.

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Managing Your Business Doesn’t Have to Be Hard.

Take the stress out of running your business and create a custom solution to increase productivity and let you focus on what matters.

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Ready To Get Started?

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