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Accessing your API docs, monthly usage and current plan.


Access your API documentation portal.

The link and login information will be provided to you on project completion.

1. Access your URL

Your URL with something like the following – Enter your password to access this information.

2. Documentation easily tabbed

The API will be clearly laid out for you to easily follow. Host urls will be provided at the top for either production or testing.

3. Account Information

Click on your account to access information such as your current plan, billing information, and much more.

4. Usage Statistics

Your usuage will be clearly shown on the portal with how many API calls you have left and any charges due to your account.

Web Hooks

Great way to receive real-time information for your applications.

1. Introduction

All callback and web-hooks will be discussed with your project manager. Any information you need can be setup accordingly.

2. Get Started

Once your web-hooks have been created and setup the information will apear on your API portal documentation.


Custom testing tools can be added to your documentation. This does not come standard.

1. Portal Testing

Api call functions can be added to your portal to easily view data returned from the server.

2. Pen Testing

API pen-testing is essential for any large scale operations. Intergrate a pen-test tool to your portal to easily outline any problems or threats to your code.

3. Server Settings

Need to customise your server settings? Add server features to your API such as limiting monthly usuage by IP or general quota. Different data center locations for optimal speed and performance and much more.

Testing your mobile application before release | apple.


1. Send your project manager your UDID

Here is how to find the UDID for the device you want to test the app on.

1) Connect your device to your computer. Do so by plugging the USB side of your iCharger into your computer’s USB port, then plugging the charger end into your iPhone, iPod, or iPad.

2) Click the “Device” icon. It’s an iPhone-shaped icon beneath the “Account” tab in the upper-left side of the iTunes window.

3) Click your device’s serial number. It’s in the box at the top of the iTunes window

4) Copy the UDID number. You’ll need it in order to register your device with your developer profile. Once you have the UDID copied, you’re ready to proceed.

5) Send this UDID to your project manager.

2. Download Link

When your project manager has given you the green light, you will be provided with a download link. Simply click the link and download.

Testing your mobile application before release | android.


1. Download the APK

Your project manager will simply send you the APK which you need to install.

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