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We create mobile applications which can be downlaoded on the appstore and google play. Also private apps are available for businesses.

We Create Mobile Apps So Your Users Can Enjoy Their Lives On The Go

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User Experience

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VIsual Design

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App Development

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1) Get in touch with our sales team.

2) Discuss what app you are looking to develop and solutions.

3) Agree on a price and deadline.

4) Receive updates along the development process.

5) Finalised app which we can uploaded to the appropriate platform.

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Our Design & Development Process

Here are some key points in why you should use myThunder to develop your applications.

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Strategy & Roadmap.

We will set a very clear goal and timeframe for your application.

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Visual & UX Design

We work in making our applications very modern and producing clean designs is paramount. You can be assured your app will look amazing and be future proof with our designs.

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Our team will make sure the functionality of the app is working correctly. We have a lot of experience in creating mobile applications and security practices.

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Launch & Monitor

You have the option to launch your app on our platform for free, normally this would cost you £135 per year. Also we can provide you with app statistics and more.

What We Build For


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Sports & Fitness 

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Let us design your app.


If you are looking just for a full mock up of an application to give to another developer, we can offer this solution for you. A wireframe is a map for how an application should navigate and the design model.


We use the best tools

We use Axure for developing our wireframes. This is a great tool as we can interact with the wireframe to get a real user experience before development.



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Develop a native IOS application in Xcode. This is best solution for an Apple application because it use the native libraries for performance and reliability.

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Mobile App Development

Use native UI options such as an IOS button or slider for a more native design feel.

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Full deployment

We will add any services such as in-app payments. We can test all the libraries before submitting to the appstore.

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Backend & API Development

We develop all our backend API’s for our applications. This means there is no sensitive data stored on the device which imposes a security risk.

We don’t use storyboards

We hard code all of your applications. Everything from adding a button to transitions, you can be assured they have been coded to be 100% reliable. This is the industries standard for high end mobile app development

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Our work

Loyalty Application


Here is a short video of a loyalty card application that we developed. This showcases the use of apples native UI as well as custom elements such as interactive cards.

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Everything Starts With a Rock Solid Product Strategy

We will talk to you about what you are looking for in a application and come up with a great strategy plan. 

Phase one

You will have a consultation with us to discuss your ideas and create a plan to develop your application. Pricing and time frame will then be quoted.

phase two

We will then develop the wireframe and ask for your feedback before continuing to develop the application. A wireframe a UI tool to get an idea of how the app will look and function.

phase three

We will work around the clock to finish your application and test it. We will also send you a dev build to run on your device so you can see the app before deployment.


When the app has been fully tested and approved, we will then begin the application process for uploading the app to the Google play store.

We developed an arcade game

We created a game called TappyTile for a client. It was a great little 2D arcade game where the user had to tap the tile before it leaved the edge of the screen. The logic of the game was run on a server which stopped any cheating from taking place.

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User Security

We take security very seriously when developing Android applications. We know how easy it is abuse an APK file on the phone. We take measures such as a hash check to see if the code has been altered. We also look for in memory abuse, using secure SDK’s such as firebase we eliminate abuse for our applications.

Design & performance

Full control

The main benefit when creating an android application from scratch is you have full control of how it functions and looks. Also a custom built app will be exceptionally faster than a framework such as native react application, as you only load the resources thats relevant for the controller.  This is a big advantage for business owners and being who acquire a lot of traffic.

Native applications

One application that works with IOS, Android and the web is a native app. This is great solution if your looking for your app to be available on every platform. Many clients prefer this option as is it more cost effective.

A truly native experience

We use the industries standard for creating a truly native application with react. Using this framework take libraries from the original OS for better performance and UI.

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Why Native?

The best solution is to create two applications, one for IOS and one for Android. However, this can become very expensive. Many clients like the native solution as you are only paying for one application versus two. The slight loss in performance and native feel is accepted with a lower price option.

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similar user experience

Having the app function and run the same on all devices adds a feeling of unity for a brand. This could be the best option for your business.

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Being native is great because you are not just bound to a phones operating system. You could host the app on a TV, website or any device running JS.

Take advantage of Javascript libraries


Creating a React application means we have access to many features and UI elements. We use custom graphs and tables as well as reactions to data.


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OK, So You Have an App…Now What? Launch & Promote With Confidence.

We will launch your application and promote it through our platform. We have great contacts in roads to marketing agencies. Let us control your marketing to maximise your potential reach.

We Believe that Your Experience Begins Before You Even Download the App and Even When You Aren’t Using It.  Our Job is to Connect The Different Ways Your Users Experience Your Brand through Technology.

Already Know the Details of Your Project?




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