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– Circuit & Schematic & PCB design – Prototype engineering & Mass production – Microcontroller programming using STM32WB/STM32, ESP32/ESP8266, nRF51/nRF52xxx, Arduino, BLE/Bluetooth, WiFi, Ethernet, Zig-bee, GSM/GPS/GPRS/GNSS, Z-Wave – Various LCDs & Sensors, I2C/I2S/SPI, RS232/485, Lora, NFC/RFID – Raspberry Pi using node.js, QT, etc. – various PLC & HMI programming such as Nextion, ADAM, Siemens, Delta, Mitsubishi – Various Servo/Motor control – Mobile app development – C/C++, C#,VB, Embedded C/C++

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All your sensitive data is encrypted using AES. The key length can be determined on your preference.

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Feel confident that all our embedded devices have encrypted micro-controllers.

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Source Download

All your circuit, schematic and code will be sent on project completion. 

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We can link all your devices and frameworks together using the cloud. 

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Advanced Testing

We will perfrom penetration tests on your devices to ensure quality.

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Create secure firewalls for all your network driven data.

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Embedded Systems

They are used in a host of modern devices, including household machines such as microwaves, toasters and washing machines. Embedded systems in a washing machine, for example, would be tasked with the closing and opening of valves to let water through into the system at set intervals (pre-wash, washing) and then out when it needs to drain. These processes are controlled by microcontrollers.

Our Work

BLE Audio Speaker

This is an bluetooth embedded system outputting audio to a speaker. We have created the output for a 3.5mm audio cable; however, we could have soldered the connection permanently to create a portable wireless speaker.

mythunder bluetooth speaker 1 - Electronic Engineering
camera embedded system 1 - Electronic Engineering

Wireless camera module

This module we created can control a camera over WI-Fi or BLE. Also it is able to integrate with a smartphone to send commands to the Hi3516+OV4689 module. This module could be used to create security cameras. Scroll to our prototype section to view full solutions.  

+ examples


Electrical Systems 

Electrical systems are groups of electrical components connected to carry out some operation. Often the systems are combined with other systems. They might be subsystems of larger systems and have subsystems of their own. Prototype engineering

electrical systems - Electronic Engineering

Our Work


This driver monitors the speed control for the AC synchronous servo motor using TMS320F28335 and CPLD of Flex10K series.

This development is using in the CNC machine tool. This system is set with the task of controlling the vector control method, fuzzy control method and flux reduction.

mythunder sync servo - Electronic Engineering
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Grid – connect inverter

This device is a Grid-tied Inverter which recovers the power generated from the elevator driving motor when descending to the bottom. The recovering capacity is more than 30%.

  • Hardware
  • CPU : TMS320F28335
  • IGBT : FS100R12KT4G
  • Core technique
  • Uni-poler SVPWM control which does not have a dead time effect
  • Power Grid Phase Synchronisation 
  • Harmonic elimination
  • Power control technique in saturation area
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H264 Video Encoder

  • Supports H.264/AVC Standard
  • 4xSD-SDI Digital Video Input
  • Analog Video Input through CVBS/Component
  • MPEG2-TS out through 1GigE IP
  • Up to 4 channel SD Simultaneous encoding
  • Two pairs of Giga Ethernets for MPEG-TS output and remote control
  • Control and supervision via manager
  • Standard design for 1U rack mount


PCB Design 

Printed circuit boards (PCBs) are the boards that are used as the base in most electronics – both as a physical support piece and as the wiring area for the surface-mounted and socketed components. This is the schematic that will be given to a manufacturer to create an electronic device.

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High quality 3D renders

We will design from simple control circuitry, to managing and delivering entire multi-layer, multi-board projects, from inception, design, prototyping and to delivering fully assembled and tested production quantities...

mythunder 3d model - Electronic Engineering
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Manufacture ready schematics

After your PCB design has been finalised and your 3D model approved a schematic of your PCB will be provided. This schematic will be able to be sent to a manufacturer to create as many PCB boards as needed. (Extra files* will be needed for construction) 

 *Gerber File, BOM list


3D Modelling 

We can develop 3D models of prototypes or a project idea you might have. This can be useful to create an idea to scale of how your idea is going to look. View some of our examples below.  

mythunder 3d modelling 1 - Electronic Engineering

Our Work

PCB enclosure

This is a 3D enclosure of a 100A and 12V charger with cooling. This is a 3D render including a PCB design and enclosure for a prototype.

mythunder 3dmodel 1 - Electronic Engineering

This is a 3D enclosure of a 100A and 12V charger with cooling. This is a 3D render including a PCB design and enclosure for a Prototype engineering.

This is an example of a 3D model we created of mechanical parts to create a motor. The top-down and bottom-top design method are used.

mythunder motor model - Electronic Engineering

Simulation design for ‘waterbug’

We designed the mechanical device that we called the “Waterbug“. This purpose is to control the flow of water for a flower bed. We simulate the motion of the mechanical parts and the flow of water using software.


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3D modeling

Here is a collection of some 3D model renders of products we have created.

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We love to bring your ideas to reality. Have us create your prototype from inception to manufacturing, we are here to help you along the way.

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Our Work

Encrypted QR code generator

Here is an example of a prototype we created that produces an encrypted QR code for our employees to securely log into sensitive data.

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Analysis for stress

We are experienced in finding the weak areas by the using FEA. During the testing for an office chair arm, we found a weak area during the analysis.  As you see in the figure, the maximum stress is noted by the red colour. The maximum stress point has been located in the prototype. After that, the design was updated until there were null weak areas and that the maximum stress rating was less than the property of material.


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Thermal Flow

We have worked on projects in the cooling analysis for electrical devices. Here is an example of the air flow and the temperature. The surrounding air was analysed.


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We have great relationships with manufacturers in China. Let us take control of quality and efficiency in creating your products and shipping them to you anywhere in the world.   

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Complete Solutions

Production & assembly

He is a fully assembled charger that we designed and manufactured. Our materials are cost affective and of high quality.

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Boxed and tagged

Get your product retail ready and receive a large quantity of your products boxed and ready to be shipped to consumers. All graphics and printing is handled by myThunder. Prototype engineering


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Quality control

For larger projects we will employ a quality control manager to ensure every single device created meets the qualifying standards. We only use top rated manufacturers who ensure quality and a fast turn around.


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Price incentives  

You’ll be amazed at our prices!  


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