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Have your website created by myThunder. We offer solutions for everyone. Create the next “Netflix” or a beautifully designed website for your small business. We have got you covered.

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affordable solutions


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Ready made framework

We love to use WordPress because of how simple it is to use. Security and the core framework has already been done for us so we have more time to focus on the design aspect of the website.

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We use themes we trust

We use 3rd party themes to add a modern and proffesional style to our websites. Allow our expert designers to take the hard work out of putting a well designed web pages together.

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We don’t just like to use boiler plate themes for our websites, we give it a myThunder twist. We are experts in CSS and PHP so we will customise the website to give it its own identity. Also we will add custom code to create features upon request. 

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SEO and Marketing

We will make sure your website has an above average SEO score and is correctly site mapped. This will increase your ranking when searching for your business.  Mail marketing and analytics are also available.

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Cost effective

Save money with a WordPress site

It’s no secret that WordPress sites cost considerably less than a fully coded custom website. We average a saving cost of 70-85% by using WordPress, if your on a budget, this might be the best solution for you.


What You Get

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Responsive Themes

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Full Customization

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World Class Support

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3rd Party Support

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Updates & Fixes

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User Roles

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Robust Documentation

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Built In Analytics

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Custom built 

We will create a website from scratch to exactly how you want it, we offer implementation for a custom backend and transfer protocol to create a truly amazing website.

We use standard HTML practises creating static pages. If you require an application please scroll to the next section.


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Fully Responsive

Build For & Tested on All Major Platforms & Devices

We will make sure your website is fully up to todays standards. They will look great at any resolution.

Design & performance

Full control

The main benefit when creating a website from scratch is you have full control of how it functions and looks. Also a custom built site will be exceptionally faster that a framework such as wordpress as you only load the code thats relevant for the site.  This is a big advantage for business owners and being who aquire alot of traffic.


Accept bookings with us

Here is a custom website we created for client for their hotel and accommodation business. The website functions a fully working booking system which calender-syncs to 3rd party companies such as booking.com, airBnb so there is no double bookings.

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Why choose to build a custom website

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A unique look to match your unique brand

Building your business online is more than just slapping your logo on top. It’s not about trying to fit your business and brand in to the placeholders of a template, but build a polished foundation to highlight the uniqueness and sophistication of your business. Your brand sells your business – and your website sells your brand.

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Search engine friendly

A custom web design is the product of web experts who hand-craft your site starting from a blank page. Your custom web design is able to have efficient code that is built to make your website fly, and not try to be a big template shell to be all things for all users. Beyond performance, the HTML experts can (and will) utilise industry-standard and proven markup to help boost your site’s exposure to search engines, helping your site increase its page rankings.

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Focused on your customers

Your business would close its doors if not for your customers. A custom web design can take the needs and goals of your business and build an optimal structure, flow and user experience to help your customers reach that call to action to make a sale, complete a form or pick up the phone.

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Stand out from your competitors

The most amazing benefit of competitors is that they give you the opportunity to be your very best, and excel your business one step further. Your custom web design builds a quality presence around your brand, proudly projects your business image to your customers, and helps your business stand out from your competition.

Web applications

Take your business to the next level
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We create fully responsive, modern designed applications.

We offer web applications for a variety of industries and solutions. Some examples would be media and film, finance, management, sales, admin, WoT and testing.


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What is a website application?


Web applications can include solutions such as online forms, shopping carts, word processors, spreadsheets, video & photo editing, file conversion, file scanning, and email programs such as Gmail, Yahoo and AOL. Popular applications include Google Apps and Microsoft 365.

Some examples of companies who use the same framework.

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Reactive functions

We use React.js framework when creating our website applications. This is a fantastic tool to listen out for changes and update them real-time in the primary DOM. For example, if a payment was successful the amount would change instantly on the app without reloading the page.

Real-time changes

Listen out for changes and update them accordingly with web applications. A great example would be when a file has uploaded automatically and will show in the current directory.

Branding & Logo

Customise your web application with your own branding to give your customers the best experience. This could be showing your logo when the application is loading.

Content Strategy

We believe in making your application easy to navigate and follow. We like to add the option of a quick tutorial for a user when they first join to understand how to use your app.

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Custom code

We write all our backend API to perfectly compliment our website applications. This enables a level of security and functionality which makes our service so great.  

Built From Scratch

We build our applications completely from scratch and take our time com-positioning and testing to make sure your users have a perfect experience.

Single page applications

Depending on your requirements we can create a single or multiple page application. For example a single page app would be https://mythunder.io and this url would never change but the components would. The multiple page simulates a traditional website with different url extensions. 

Maintenance & Updates

Included in our yearly fee your website application will be kept up to date and maintained for as long as it is hosted with us.

Featured Work


Admin management app

Here is an example of a admin management application we created to communicate with staff and handle client projects. Included features such as, to-do lists and private and group messaging.

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Video streaming service

Here is an example of a video streaming app we developed. It has a fully working subscription platform where members can stream movies and TV shows. 

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We host all the websites and applications on our servers for a yearly fee. We only use super fast servers to ensure quality and speed for your users. Dedicated hosting is also available.


Our hosting solutions range from web hosting to blazing-fast dedicated servers. Find it all right here

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Here is our pricing options for hosting a website on myThunder.

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Host your website on myThunder’s Servers

Did you know that 57% of users will leave your site if it takes longer than 3 seconds to load? That’s a lot of lost revenue. But with Business Hosting, your pages load faster than shared hosting, so more visitors convert to customers

Execute your webpages at record speeds

DDoS protection, Malware protection

Unlock more power

The most powerful solution

Dedicated Servers

Starting at £109/mo

Bare metal servers.

Harness the full processing power with single-tenant bare metal servers with root/admin privileges for complete server control – down to the kernel.

State-of-the-art tech.

Get top server hardware and software with Intel Xeon or AMD EYPC CPUs running CentOS 7, Debian 8, Ubuntu 16.04 LTS or Windows 2016.

SSD or HDD – your choice.

Whether you want blazing fast read/write – or tons of storage capacity, we’ve got you covered with HDD or NVMe SSDs (up to 25X faster) storage options.

Disk mirroring.

RAID1 for high availability and faster performance, with a disk drive duplicated (mirrored) for faster read and data redundancy in the event of a disk failure.

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Find your perfect domain name.



Choose any extension you want

We will find the best domain for your needs. We look for names that will be SEO friendly and will allow users to easily find your website.

An example of a domain we would use is:


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Let us know your business name and style and we can pick out the perfect domain for you. If a domain you want is taken let one our staff see what they can do to obtain it.

Free SSL Certificate

myThunder offers a free SSL certificate for all domains acquired through us and offered on our hosting plans.

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Get in touch with sales to get started

We can help find the best solution for you. Please get in touch with one of our friendly staff members.

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